A little about me 

Currently working in London as a contractor or/and freelance senior visual and UI designer.
I have a degree in Industrial Design, but I focused my professional path on the digital market starting as a web designer and graphic designer. When the new technologies of desktop software applications integrated into a "cloud" platform or native iOS and Android applications took place in the market and had a surprisingly grow in the last decade, my work diverged to focus more on digital interactions and user interface designs in the software market, creating applications for multiple devices.

I have over 8 years of experience and I've worked in several markets such as business software, finance, music, real estate and working for companies like Thomson Reuters and Alfresco Software. Working for these international companies, gave me an in-depth knowledge of data visualisation design process, developing and following a restrict design guideline and also working on an Agile project management environment.

WHAT I LOVE. Photography, music, traveling, nature, scuba diving, marine conservation, body board, surf, sk8 and other radical sports, comic books, tattoos and so on...

Companies I worked with